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imagine this is john on some deep undercover case and he’s watching sherlock dancing with some random guy who asked him to dance and sherlock is having a wonderful time


You stop that. No, don’t. 

And imagine that they’re staying in this swank hotel together, and they only got one room - of course - and they get up to the room and Sherlock’s all flushed and sweaty and happy and grinning from drinking and dancing and John’s never seen him like that before and he can’t stop looking at him as they take their suit jackets off and before he even thinks to stop himself, he reaches out and touches the side of Sherlock’s face really softly and looks at him so tenderly and says, “I’ve never seen you like this…” and Sherlock closes his eyes and breathes in really deeply and leans his face into John’s hand…

(Źródło: gatissmark)

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